Acupuncture views the body as one integrated system. It focuses on all parts to bring the whole back into balance. Acupuncture treats almost anything – pain, stress, digestive problems, fertility, insomnia, allergies. Often, many symptoms are resolved together, because they had the same cause. You will leave an acupuncture treatment feeling like the best version of yourself.


“The breath is a healing tool. Because the breath brings oxygen to every blood cell and all the vital organs, breathing to full capacity and full function is essential for both body sustainability and longevity.” – Yamuna Zake


Yamuna Body Rolling is about Body Sustainability.

It focuses on:

• Creation of optimal space throughout the body
• Restoring the range of motion in all joints
• Stimulation of bone
• Exertion of traction on muscles to create space
• Reorganization of the body structure to optimize its function.

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About Breathing Space

Breathing Space Acupuncture is the private practice of Nancy Byrne, located in Columbus Circle, NYC.  Nancy offers Acupuncture, Yamuna Body Rolling, Breathwork, and Chinese Herbal and Nutrition consultation.

This site,  The Space to Breathe, offers information about Nancy’s clinic.  But it also offers guidance on Chinese Medical perspective, Yamuna Body Rolling, and Breathwork for those who are between visits or those who are not in the NYC area.

Nancy’s goal is to offer you the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to help you feel like the best version of you. With it, may you find some peace, some grounding, some breathing space.

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Feel Your Best

Get back to your Breathing Space.  Is something keeping you from it? Is an injury or chronic nagging pain keeping you from running your favorite path? Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling anxious, overtired and stressed, and could use a little space to breathe.  Nancy offers Acupuncture, Yamuna Body Rolling, Breathwork, Herbal Treatment, and other modalities.  You will leave her office feeling like the best version of yourself.  Contact Nancy to make your appointment today.

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