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Acupuncture views the body as one integrated system. It focuses on all parts to bring the whole back into balance. Acupuncture treats almost anything – pain, stress, digestive problems, fertility, insomnia, allergies. Often, many symptoms are resolved together, because they had the same cause. You will leave an acupuncture treatment feeling like the best version of yourself.


“The breath is a healing tool. Because the breath brings oxygen to every blood cell and all the vital organs, breathing to full capacity and full function is essential for both body sustainability and longevity.” – Yamuna Zake


Yamuna Body Rolling is about Body Sustainability.

It focuses on:

• Creation of optimal space throughout the body
• Restoring the range of motion in all joints
• Stimulation of bone
• Exertion of traction on muscles to create space
• Reorganization of the body structure to optimize its function.

Is Something Holding You Back From Being the BEST version of YOU?

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without….Back pain? Joint pain? Anxiety? Weight of the world on your shoulders?

As an acupuncturist, body worker and healer, I’ve seen many patients walk in with pain, and walk out as a new person.  They felt it, I saw it, the office staff would remark on it with joy!

Do you wish you could be empowered to promote your own healing? To more deeply understand, manage, prevent or even fully release your pain?

And yes….I said it….the “P” word….PAIN.  DIS-EASE.

Pain is a part of life.  It might show up in different versions…..physical pain, stress, irritability, discomfort, a racing mind, insomnia.  I’m using the word pain as an umbrella term, but in my definition, it’s anything that keeps you from feeling your best, anything that causes a blockage on a physical, emotional or mental level.  Anything that causes constriction in the body, mind or spirit.

The irony is, PAIN is also what leads you toward growth, and blossoming into the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Feel Your Best

What causes pain?  Constriction, contraction…a lack of space.

If you find space, if you breathe into it, healing will follow. 

How do you find space?

I can offer you several ways – Acupuncture, Yamuna Body Rolling, Acupressure, Breathwork, Mantra, A Shift in Perspective.

Find Space.  Inspire Healing. Be the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

Let me show you how.

 Contact me (Nancy) to make your appointment today.


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